We partner with owner-operators of HVAC, plumbing and controls businesses across Canada to help grow their companies and protect their legacy. Our differentiated, partnership approach to acquisitions enables owners to maximize their economic outcome while preserving their local brand and culture. Partner companies continue to operate independently while benefiting from shared services and assistance with business operations.

We have a flexible, partnership-based approach that we tailor to you and your business. We enable owner-operators to take some chips off the table while preserving their legacy, providing access to upside, and helping with succession planning. Our decentralized model enables partner companies to benefit from being part of a scaled operation.

We attempt to move quickly but respect that owner-operators have a business to run. While we will move at your pace, the time from initial contact to closing is generally 60 days.

We pay market value for healthy business. We will determine a price based on financial and operational factors, including revenue mix, profitability, technician capability, staff retention, fleet quality, consistency of financial performance, and other key performance indicators.

We expect to onboard all your key people and support their further training and development. We actively seek to help with management transitions.

We are building a family of local brands throughout Canada. We partner with companies that have a strong reputation in their local market and therefore generally retain their brand. You have worked hard over years to build your brand, why eliminate that?

Please feel free to e-mail Spencer Ross at sr@mechcan.ca or leave us a note through the Talk to Us page.