Are You Considering Selling Your Residential Skilled Trades Company?

Whether you have been the owner of your business for a few years or several decades, you may find yourself at a crossroads where you are contemplating whether continuing to run the business aligns with your current goals and interests. There are many factors that could prompt you to consider selling your home services business. At MechCan, we have helped several residential skilled trades business owners navigate the process of selling their businesses. Below are some of the most common reasons we hear from business owners who decide to sell:

Family Considerations: Selling a family business can be emotionally complex, as you may feel a sense of responsibility to uphold the legacy of previous generations. Determining whether there are family members willing to continue the business and their capability to do so is a critical first step. When navigating the potential sale of a family business, owners are often focused on ensuring the family name and contributions are honoured even after the sale. For this reason, legacy preservation is a core value at MechCan. Often the businesses we buy bear the owner’s or family’s name so we know that we have a responsibility to maintain that reputation for generations to come.

Business Factors: Issues like work fatigue, economic fluctuations, internal team conflicts, or challenges in the supply chain can lead to a decision to sell.

Lifestyle: Reasons for selling could include retirement, health concerns, a desire to explore new interests or hobbies, or wanting to spend more time with loved ones. Selling the business could also provide financial opportunities, such as paying off personal debts or diversifying wealth. In many cases, business owners have created a comfortable nest egg for themselves and are ready to pursue new passion projects or philanthropic activities. We meet with owner-operators who are both mid-career and late-career, each one with a different plan on how they will spend their time after selling their company.

Deciding to sell a business is a significant decision, especially for family-owned enterprises. While the process of selling a company can be daunting, seeking guidance and support from professionals can help facilitate a smooth transition. At MechCan, we are dedicated to assisting business owners in the selling process, creating opportunities for your team and preserving the legacy of businesses.

If you have been thinking of selling and want to explore how a transaction with MechCan could look for your business, let’s chat! Feel free to reach out with any questions to our Co-Founder, Spencer Ross, at or our Director, Business Development, Kaylie Chamberlin, at